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MailChimp is home to remarkable people from all walks of life. We are engineers and artists, misfits and number crunchers. Weirdness is part of who we are, and we love what we do.

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6 Things We Learned from Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad

Every day, our 700+ employees work hard on the world’s largest marketing automation platform. So when the end of the week rolls around, we take the opportunity shut down our laptops, load up on donuts and coffee, and give our brains a good stretch with Coffee Hour.

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What’s In Store: The Peach Truck and Managing Tricky Logistics

On a sweltering summer day, the What’s in Store team stopped by the Nashville Farmers’ Market to meet with Stephen Rose, the man behind The Peach Truck. When Stephen first moved to Music City, he made a terrible discovery: No one was selling the fresh, bursting-with-flavor peaches he’d grown up eating in Georgia.

What’s In Store: Stringjoy and Honing Your Instagram Strategy

Not that long ago, guitarists didn’t have too many gear options. As more companies popped up and the equipment became better, artists were able to get closer to the sound in their heads, says Scott Marquart of Stringjoy. As a player, he went “bananas” fiddling with every aspect of his setup, swapping guitar strings from different packages until he found the perfect sound—his sound.

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