Homemade pierogi remind me of all that I share with my mother and grandmother

Fill, pinch, repeat. My grandma is at the kitchen counter, diligently making pierogi. I hover near her elbow and watch her hands, her veins snaking around spots where the sun kissed her skin. I’m 9 years old, and I can’t wait to eat this Polish feast. The paper-thin dough succumbs to her muscle memory, sticking exactly where she applies pressure. She learned the recipe, which is stored in her head free from the constraints of measurements, from watching her mother.

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How to Fall Back in Love With Your Email Marketing

It’s 1997, and Arianne Foulks’ fingers are flying across the keyboard in her school’s computer lab. She’s working on a website for her indie music zine, but she has a queue of websites she’s making, too, at the request of her friends who are in bands or run record labels.

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Building on a Cheeky Brand’s Social Media Success with Disruptivos

Pedrita Parker is afraid of chickens. Well, maybe. On the “About me” page of her website, she lists 5 truths and a lie, so it’s not entirely clear which is the fib.

What is apparent, though, is that her sidekick Mindy—a rotund little pup—never leaves Pedrita’s side when she paints. “She toots in the studio, but we adore her,” Pedrita says.

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